Summer of 2016

Established in the early 1980s, Action Muffler Radiator & Brakes has earned a reputation of excellence over the past 30 years through hard work and our dedication to expert repairs at fair prices. We are a no-frills organization that doesn’t believe in gimmicks to try and win your business. We simply believe in doing the job right. Whether we are performing a tune-up or overhauling your transmission, Action Muffler Radiator & Brakes pays attention to the details.

Shop projects:

Front lower control arm replacement

– Removed wheel
– Removed bolt holding the strut to the steering knuckle
– Unscrewed and seperated the ball joint using the separator tool
– Unscrewed the other bolts holding in the control arm
– Cleaned any rust build up
– Replaced and installed new control arm in reverse order
– Reinstalled steering knuckle to strut bottom
– Verified replacement

Assisted carburetor rebuild

– Removed air filter
– Carefully uninstalled carburetor
– Observed carburetor tear down and rebuild with a few new parts
– Reinstalled carburetor and torqued to spec
– Reinstalled air filter with new filter

Custom exhaust install

– Raised vehicle
– Attempted to remove exahust bolts attached to down pipe
– Used torch to heat up bolts and remove
– Removed exhaust hangars and lowered exhaust
– Looked for similar pipes for new custom exhaust
– Measured exhaust bends and pipe lengths
– Test fit beside original exhaust
– Test fit under vehicle for exhaust hangar location
– Welded and tested exhaust until complete.
– Realized the exhaust only exited one side, and the customer asked for it to exit both sides (y-pipe)
– Made a similar pipe system of the end half of the custom exhaust
– Cut a hole and welded second side on exahust
– Welded hangars onto new exhaust and installed
– Turned vehicle on and raised again to verify install and check for possible leaks

Special projects:

Painted shop bunker ramp

– Swept floor
– Used blower to to remove dust
– Painted the ramp
– Painted other peices

Swept and removed rocks (outside)

– Removed large rocks from the front of the property
– Swept whole front lot, and removed dust

Rahil Gupta


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