February – June 2018

At Apex Auto, our staff’s dedication is more interested in what makes cars tick and the science behind it rather than simply servicing them. Apex Auto employs two fully licensed senior automotive service technicians, one second-year apprentice, and one high school co-op student.

Shop Tasks:

Oil changes and servicing

– Change oil
– Change oil filter
– Check brake pad life
– Check suspension (shocks, sway bars, tie rods, ball joints)
– Check tire pressure
– Top up fluids (washer fluid, power steering fluid)
– Check serpentine belt tension

Brake changes and servicing

– Remove caliper and bracket
– Clean brake pad brackets
– Sand rust off areas of brake pad contact
(on the caliper bracket)
– Lube brake caliper
– Place and lube brake pad brackets
– Clean brake rotors and install (if needed
– Reinstall caliper bracket
– Place new brake pads
– Reinstall caliper

Wheel changes

– Remove winter tires off vehicle
– Check brake life
– Check air pressure in summer tires
– Install wheel and torque to specifications

Special Projects:

Wheel hub and bearing assembly

– Removed wheel
– Remove caliper assembly and brake rotor
– Used wheel hub removal tool to pull off the assembly
– **When removing wheel bearing from hub** Remove snap ring from inside the hub, and knock out bearing
– Make sure nothing critical was damaged
– Install new bearing into hub, or new wheel hub into the steering knuckle
– Verify the repair

Bleeding brake system

– Suck all brake fluid out of the front of the reservoir
– Fill to top (above max) with clean brake fluid
– Start with closest caliper to the reservoir
– Attach and turn on air assisted vaccuum, open the bleeder valve, and watch the brake fluid in the reservoir deplete until it stops
– When the fluid stops lowering, close the bleeder valve, and then turn off the vaccuum
– Verify the line has been bled by having the vaccuum under the bleeder valve, and opening the valve to see if any other air bubbles are released
– Close the bleeder valve, then the vaccuum to prevent making a mess, and top up the brake fluid
– Repeat the last 4 steps on the other calipers, going from driver front, to passenger rear, to driver rear, then to the passenger front caliper
– Put the cap back on the bleeder valve and top up brake fluid to “max” on the reservoir
– Pump the brake pedal 50 times when the vehicle is off, and another 50 times when the vehicle is on

Other special projects

– Front sway bar upgrade
– Coolant flush
– Front and rear crash bar upgrade
– Assisted air oil seperator install
– Radiator replacement
– Many more…

Rahil Gupta


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