July 2019 – March 2020

Audi Uptown is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service through our unsurpassed knowledge of the Audi vehicles we sell and service.
Our staff of automotive professionals takes pride in representing the Audi brand and is well versed in the innovative design, advanced technology, and superior performance that the brand represents.

Audi Uptown Lot Attendant

Attendant Tasks:

– Used Audi mechanic service system
– Diagnose vehicle DTC’s with Snap-On tablet
– PDA on new cars from Rodick storage lot
– Verify customer questions / issues with technicians
– Valet customer cars
– Washed ~40 customer cars after servicing, daily
– Shuttled customers to and from Audi Uptown
– Organized and brough parts to mechanics
– Picked up and delivered parts
– Cleaned whole dealer shop
– Organized all shop rooms
– Moved all customer tires, daily
– Organized tires in upstairs room and outside
– Moved ~15 pallets of tires, in & out daily
– Orgnized and cleaned wash bay
– Filled other positions occasoinally (Welcome center, mechanic, shuttle, pda driver, etc.)



Service Jobs:

– Oil Changes
– Tire changes (Off Rim and On Rim)
– Brake Rotors and Pads Replacement
– Brake Fluid Flush
– Rear Shock Absorber Replacement
– Oil Filter Housing and Gasket Replacement
– Valve Cover Gasket Replacement
– Allignment
– Rack and Pinion Replacement
– Air strut bag replacement
– Wheel bearing replacements
– Many other services

Special Projects:

Audi RS3 (x3)
– Engine removal and teardown for diagnosis
– Common single turbo bad bearing
– x2 caused debris and engine failure
– x2 required new engine assembly

Audi R8 5.0 V8, 5 speed
– Clutch replacement job
– Assisted transmission and parts removal

Wash / Autobody


Body Services:

– Interior and exterior detailing
– Degrease engine bay
– Clay bar
– Wet sand
– Buff and polish
– Sand and polish headlights

Special Projects:

VIP Washed Cars
– Audi Q8
– Audi R8 5.0 V8
– Audi R8 V10+ Spyder
– Audi RS3 / RS4 / RS7
– Audi S7 / S8
– BMW M2
– Subaru STI
– Lexus SC400

– Parts pickup & delivery
– Customer and customer vehicle pickup & delivery
– Dealership vehicle pickup & delivery
– Company rental gas refill, pickup & delivery

Rahil Gupta


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