Hey there. So, if you haven’t seen some of my other blog posts, I am really into JDM cars. GTR is my favourite generation line of JDM cars. So, as you can see from the title, this a brand new HardTuned GTR hoodie.

I am going to be selling this hoodie for $70.00 CAD ($50.84 USD) excluding shipping. If you include shipping  (4 – 7 business days), it will be the same amount that I payed, just in case you may think I am ripping you off. Below are the details about the hoodie.

– $70.00 CAD ($50.84 USD) (excluding shipping)

– Brand New in Box (I did open the box and try the hoodie on but didn’t fit and put it back in the box)

– Large sized hoodie. Measurements – 57cm (23 inch) Width, 67cm (26 inch) Length, 64cm (25 inch) Arm).

12669815_1678055049149889_502413080_o– Very nice quality, soft on inside and outside & long lasting material.

– Great hoodie for petrolheads like myself!

That’s all the information I have on the hoodie but you can look up other details about the hoodie and also in the link at the bottom of the post.

If you are interested in buying this hoodie, I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. If you would like to contact me in regard to buying this hoodie, you can reach me through this email ~ info@rahilgupta.com

Once again, if you don’t live in Toronto, Ontario, or in the area, you will have to pay for shipping to receive this product.

12696644_1678055272483200_1459173219_oHardTuned GTR Hoodie Link: