Bringing my WRX to my school was great. I had a lot of help from my friends in the class. The first thing that was done was an overall check. We lifted it onto the hoists, checked the underbody, checked the suspension components, and flushed the fluids as well. The underbody was not good at all, which I say is a miscommunication from the previous owner. One of my first questions was “How’s the underbody?” He said it was good, but its not perfect, implying it is road worthy. Even when I went to see the car, it looked pretty good, as the holes, foam filler, and flaking was behind the rocker panels and unibody.

Continuing with the work done at my school, we changed the front bumper from the JDM silver bumper, to the stock Impreza bumper, which looked a lot cleaner. Took quite a bit of effort to try and install the bumper, as the bolts were rusted, and the threads were stripped. The last thing I did before working on other shop projects was the front crash bar. The crash bar had a big hole in it, and was flaking as well. We decided to sheet weld it, as it didn’t seem well supported. We shaped, and cut a plate 3/4 across the front, and 3/4 across the top, as the rest of the bar was good. The welds came out pretty clean, as my friends and I have welded before.

After doing this work, there wasn’t much I had to do with the car. I turned it on, and let it warm up a bit every couple of days. Before moving it from the school back to my house, I moved the boost gauge. It wasn’t really mounted at all, as it was held to the dash with velcro. It had a clamp and stand for it, so I wired it through the steering column, and in through one of the vents. I then drilled two holes in one of the cup holders, and screwed it in. It was mounted really well after that.

Of course I took it for some drives up and down the road, and out for lunch. It was a really fun and fast car.