This blog post is about a DJ software20150201_202518000_iOS  made for iPad (May also be available on your computer). This app is called edjing (e-d-j-ing) and it can be found in the Apple app store. This app was developed by DJiT. When you search up the name of the app in the app store, the first 4 results are the edjing app made by DJiT, but the one that I got was the first one (edjing – DJ Music Mixer console – Play, Mix, Record and Share)

In this app, you can get music from the music you have on your device, you can Deezer, and you can also use Soundcloud. Having that is so useful because sometimes, people can’t get music onto their phones and iPad’s. In the app, you can also scratch and there are a bunch of sound effects that you can record, name them as your own mix and then share them.

20150201_210709000_iOSThere is a full version to this app (which I purchased) that includes all the effects and skins for the background of you board. You will see it when you try to click on locked items. The free version actually foes include some sound effects (4 – 6, not so sure).

Personally, I really love this app because i love music, I love to make remixes of songs that I like and this app is perfect for it. If you really like to make and mix music, this app it perfect for you. Even if you want to just play music, this app has an option where a playlist can be created and the songs could be put on automix which is mixing without even touching it.

Overall, this app is amazing for playing, mixing, recording and sharing music with your friends and the whole world. Go, use the powers this app has bestowed upon you!

Also, check out their website to see all the contents of the app: