February – June 2017

At Markham Auto Repair, we are passionate not just about cars, but also the people who drive them. We go beyond the typical automotive shop: providing you with the same level of outstanding service and quality you’d expect from a dealership, with a seamless service that promotes trust, fairness and respect.

Shop Tasks:

Oil changes

– Change oil
– Change oil filter
– Check brake pad life
– Check tire pressure
– Top up fluids (washer fluid, power steering fluid)

Brake changes

– Remove caliper and caliper bracket
– Clean clips for the brake pads
– Sand rust off areas where the brake pad makes contact on the bracket
– Lube ares sanded on brake caliper
– Place and lube brake pad clips
– Clean brake rotors and install (if needed)
– Attach the caliper bracket to the car
– Place new brake pads in the caliper bracket
– Attach caliper

Wheel changes

– Remove tires off of the vehicle
– Check brake pad thickness
– Check air pressure on tires being put on the vehicle
– Install wheels and torque

Special Projects:

Intake manifold & wiring harness replacement

-Detatched a wiring harness connections
– Lowered original engine from vehicle using the lift
– Removed intake cover and intake manifold from the donor engine
– Removed the intake cover and the intake manifold from the original engine
– Placed new intake gasket onto manifold
– Replaced donor enginer intake and cover with original
– Torqued manifold bolts and intake cover bolts to spec
– Replaced the alternator
– Replaced the serpentine belt
– Replaced wiring harness
– Lowered the vehicle onto the engine carefully
– Reinstalled engine and transmission to their mounts
– Reconnected wiring harness connections

Remove and replace deployed airbags

– Removed steering wheel airbag
– Removed driver side airbag in left side of seat

– Removed passenger side airbags above glove compartment and right side of seat
– Removed driver rear airbag in right side of seat
– Removed passenger rear airbag in left side of seat
– Removed whole right side airbag from the headliner
– Removed whole left side airbag from the headliner
– Sent the airbag module to be reset
– Assisted the replacement off all airbags

Other special projects

– Winter to summer rim change
– Fuel pump module replacement
– Install new headliner
– Carbon build up scrape and spark plug change
– Assisted replacement of multiple blown fuses
– Many more…

Rahil Gupta


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