This blog post is all about the Microsoft HoloLens. They haven’t come out yet but they will be in the near future. These Goggles / Glasses are designed to have virtual reality come to life around you. If you decided to watch to the video first, you have seen the capability of these amazing glasses. They bring windows to life, literally! (May be a new windows when those glasses come out)

Microsoft HoloLens

Also, with these glasses, they enable you to see the world in a whole new perspective. They allow you to Skype chat with people as they send you photos and create a 3D hologram of the model. That is just amazing.

The pros and cons of these glasses are that they will make life so much easier, (as we intend the future to be) and they also allow you to do new and improve things that are already out today. Some of the bad things about these glasses are that they are really, really big & bulky and they also could make life too easy which makes you lazy and possibly develop “problems”. I think these are amazing but we still have to be watching out for our health.

To add to this prototype, they should make some sort of timer that either makes the glasses turn off, displays an alert or show games and activities that you can do after a while of using the glasses too much (brain games). These are a couple things that could be improved, but overall, these glasses are sure to excite everyone!