After buying the car, sitting at home, and endlessly thinking about driving my car, we had a problem. We couldn’t figure out a way to get the car from London, Ontario, to here, Scarborough, Ontario. We called a bunch of tow truck companies to get quotes on how much it would be to tow it, and everything we found was $800+.London trip 1

We kept searching, calling and thinking about what we should do. Then we finally had to give in the towel, and plan a date to go to London, get some paperwork done, get temporary insurance and plates, and drive the car home, and so we did. My Dad, my grandpa, and I got up at around 9:00 a.m., and started driving up to London to pick up my first car. The day before, and on our way there as well, we talked to the previous owner about meeting us at the London Ministry to sign over the ownership using the used vehicle package you need when you buy a used car.

After signing the papers, and driving over to his house to get the car, we said our thanks to the previous owner for the car, and his help throughout the process, and then left to bring my new car to it’s new home.