This blog post is all about my trip to England. I left for England on June 29th, and came back on August 15th. This trip was so much fun. The last time I went to England was about 5 years ago, and the experience I had this time was much more different than my past visits.

Now onto my trip to Central London. I went to many different places including Hamleys, Parliament, The Big Ben, The London Eye and many other sites and stores. I’m going to start off by telling you about Hamleys. So Hamleys is the oldest & largest toy store in the world and is also known as a worldwide retailer of toys. The biggest Hamleys store, located in London, United Kingdom, has 5 floors and over 50,000 toys.

Hamleys toy shopThere is a total of 9 Hamleys toy stores located throughout London. When I walked into the store, I was amazed at how big is was, but when I went to the directory to find where each type of toy is, I saw there was 5 floors and I was even more amazed. I was most interested in the car models on the 4th floor, all the tech toys on -1st floor and the 5th floor which was filled with candy. Such an amazing store.


From Hamleys, me, my brother and my cousins travelled to an apartment building where my cousins friend lives just outside Central London. I forget the name but it was a nice apartment building. We went to the party room which was located on the top of the building. It was big room with a foosball table, a pool table, two rows of tables with chairs, and two areas with a bunch of couches and a giant TV.london_600

There was also a big balcony with glass rails which allow you to see the skyline of Central London. We has lot’s of fun up there playing games, watching a bit of a movie and taking pictures with the skyline behind us.


After the apartment building, we walked to the Shard where we met my uncle there.When we saw him there, we decided to have some lunch in the Shard. So we went up to the 32nd floor and has some lunch at a restaurant called Hutong. Hutongthe_shard_at_night.jpg__1024x0_q85_crop_subsampling-2_upscale is Chinese cuisine based of Hutong Restaurant in Hong Kong. The food there was amazing. We ordered some duck rolls, crispy shrimp rolls, soft shell crab rolls and dumplings with different fillings. Also, the view from up there was amazing. I was wondering what was on the floors above us, so I asked my uncle since he works near there and eats there pretty often. He said there are a couple more restaurant above and the rest of the floors above are hotel rooms. The hotel company is called Shangri-La Hotel. Check out there website below and see the view from the rooms. It is so amazing.


Well that’s pretty much all I did when I visited Central England with my brother and my cousins. Was so much fun and I can’t wait to go back again and see even more places in London. Thanks for reading!


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The Shard Website: < >

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