This post will be all about the garages and showrooms I visited during my trip in London. If you don’t know me personally, I really like cars and I know quite a bit about them too. I’m mostly into Japanese cars (JDM) the most but I like all cars in general too. Enough about me, let’s move on to the places I went and the garages and showrooms I saw.

The first place I went was a Ferrari garage. I’s going to start of by saying that I don’t know many places in London so I’m sorry if you wanted to know where these places are but I have no clue. Back to the Ferrari garage. When I got out of my uncle’s car, I saw some sort of repair lot full of at least 20 Ferrari’s and a couple Maserati’s. I was so amazed when I saw them. I didn’t think the inside was going to be better than that lot, but boy was I wrong. I walked inside the office and met a couple of the people who work at the garage. Then we actually walked into the garage. The first thing I was a taken apart Ferrari F40. The original rims and tires were just sitting on each corner of the car. It was amazing. Then we walked further in when the space opened up. I literally just stood there for about 20 seconds with my mouth hanging wide open. There were so many cars and ones that you would stop on the side of the road to take pictures of. I’m going to name the cars and then move on to the next place because I could write a whole book about one garage if I had the time. So in there, I saw a LaFerrari, 458 Italia & Spider & Specialle, F12 Berlinetta, Challenge Stradale, 599 GTB, 575M Superamerica & Maranello, Dino GT, FF and a couple other Ferrari’s. There was so much in there. There was one of the car technicians in the garage working on his own car which was a Nissan Skyline r32. Knowing me, or reading the beginning of the post, I love Japanese cars. His car has an original RB26 engine with a twin-turbo aspiration conversion. He also said he put in some new camshafts and an air filter. I guessed the amount of horsepower saying around 400 – 450. The guy said good guess and told me had about 550 horsepower. I was so blown away. We coincidentally stayed in the garage until he left. Before he left, he turned on his car and revved it a couple of times. I completely recognised the sound of that RB26 and I also heard the turbo in his car. Ooo!! What a sound!