2014-12-26-16-24-42-723This is a blog on my Xbox One controller. I also got an Xbox One: Assassin’s Creed Bundle with a bunch of other stuff. So when I am using my controller, I have with me a custom skin from decalgirl, an Xbox One headset adapter, green Biogenic grips, Speed Freeks, CQC FPS Freeks and Apple EarPods. For me, this is the most comfortable set up for playing racing games. I play GTA 5 (GTA V) with this set up and you get a combination of control, stability, stamina (with your fingers). Now, I am going to talk about a couple of the                                                                            parts of my controller set up individually.

imageMy custom skin that I got from decal girl I my favourite colour, neon green. The way that you make your custom skin is by uploading pictures to the decalgirl website. Don’t worry about any security problems, nothing is going to happen. So after uploading the pictures, you are able to place your pictures on an outline of an Xbox One controller. There are lines so you know what is getting cut off. After completing your design, you can cash out your skin but before, you can chose if you want it matte or gloss.(I recommend matte)CQC Kontrol FreaksSpeed Freek

Now onto the Speed Freeks and CQC FPS Freaks. So there is this really cool company that sells grips and extensions for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 controllers called Kontrol Freeks. So i got two different types of grips; the Speed Freeks and the CQC FPS Freeks. The Speed Freeks are for any racing game. They allow a lot of control when steering so that your finger doesn’t slide off and you can manoeuvre your finger with much more ease. The CQC FPS Freeks are grips made for FPS games (Call of Duty, Titanfall etc.) They optimize control when turning your character to kill and opponent without having your finger slip of the controller.

Xbox One headset adapterAs the final part, I am going to be talking about the Xbox One headset adapter. The adapter can be purchased from the Microsoft Store, EB Games, Walmart etc. The adapter is $30.00 and it is worth it. When you plug it in to the bottom of your Xbox One controller, you can plug in headphones with a microphone or without (depending if you want to chat with people or not) and you can also hear in game sounds. That basically means that with the headset adapter and headphones plugged into your controller, you can hear the game sounds even if you mute your tv. (In the headphones)

So there you have it. My Xbox One set up for GTA V and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Not saying it’s for those games individually, but games like them. Hope you enjoyed this post. Keep it locked for new posts to come!

Custom Skin: www.decalgirl.com

Kontrol Freek: www.kontrolfreek.com