NFS 2015 If you don’t know yet, cars a big part of my  life.That’s why I love playing all of these car video games including Forza Horizon 2, Forza Motorsport 6 and the brand new  Need For Speed. I play these games for a reason, and that is to feel like I’m actually doing it. I have bought two Thrustmaster items for my Xbox One which I use to make the experience feel so much more real. They are the Ferrari 458 racing wheel an the T3pa add on pedals w/ clutch, but the problem with the amazing new game that I bought, is that they don’t have wheel support or first person view as Forza games do. I don’t think that is a good way to bring in new buyers / players. I did contact Need For Speed via email & Facebook Messenger. They have said that they are working on those two things in future updates which I am glad about. Enough about this, now onto the game itself.

Game Creators & Customization

Need For Speed is created by EA, Ghost & Frostbite. I don’t Icon Carsreally know anything about these companies besides EA. I will leave a link to their websites at the bottom of the article. Need For Speed is one of my favourite games do to the great story line, the well created graphics and game play, and most of all, the customization! They have done an outstanding job with the amount of detail and options that you have when customizing you ride. They have put in companies that specialize in wide bodies, my favourites included (Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny), rims (Work, Volk, Rays, Rotiform, Vossen, SSR, HRE and many more), and even separate companies for other aftermarket parts including exhaust, mirrors, hoods, spoilers, splitters, diffusers, and bumpers / skirts.

Icons This game also has 5 of the greatest  icons, including Perfect Moment Magnus Walker (Speed), Ken Block (Style), Nakai  San  (Build),  Risky Devil (Crew) & Morohoshi San  (Outlaw).The main characters in the game coincide  with their icons; Spike (Magnus  Walker – Speed), Manu (Ken Block – Style), Amy (Nakai San – Build), Robyn (Risky Devil – Crew) & Travis (Morohoshi San – Outlaw). The creators of this game have really gone all out, especially since they missed a year where a new racing game came out from many companies, but not these ones. In a Need  For Speed Review that IGN published, they state that the game is rated a 6.3 / 10. Some positive things they have said about the game include “Great visuals and Sound, drifting feels satisfying & great customization”. Some negative comments they have said about the game includes “story is brief, multiplayer underdelivers, Rubber Band AI, daft  time-of-night effects, no drag racing & no pause button”.

My Review

Now it’s my turn. Overall, I would give this game a rating of 8.5 / 10. I do agree that the game does have great visuals, drifting is great for an arcade game like this & the customization is truly amazing. As for the negative things about the game, I sadly would agree about the points they have stated. The story is really short but it is written out well, the multiplayer component of the game is a bit sketchy in the sense that it’s hard to join in games with your friends and there is not much interaction with another online players. The AI’s in the game slow down at random points, and then just blast right passed you or right into you. The time of night effects are really goodbut it’s always raining and it would be cool to see the game in a day time scene.

5 Ways To PlayDrag racing was a pretty big part of the NFS games but I guess not in this game. Don’t really miss it that much but it seems like some do. The last thing is no pause button. I just recently figured out that you couldn’t pause the game which is pretty crappy. I should have realised it knowing that it is an always online game but sometimes, you might have to get a drink, a snack, answer a phone call, do something your parents ask you to do, and many other things as well. All I’m saying is that it would be nice to have an offline / solo mode in the game just for people who want to do the story mode without other drivers racing around.


Overall Verdict

On that productive note, this game is truly amazing. All this game would need to be close to a perfect 10 is wheel support, first person view, fixed AI’s and I forgot to include this but more intense cops / sop chases. I know that we may need a higher heat lever for t to be more intense but it’s surprisingly hard to climb heat levels.

Well thank you for reading another one of my blog post. Hope this was a nice read for owners or future buyers of Need For Speed 2015. Below are the links to some tips & tricks and some other reviews on this game. Thanks for reading!

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