Self-driving carI recently found an article on self-driving cars. There is also this other story that was in the news about an Audi A7 driving 560 miles from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas. sounds really cool.


If you didn’t know, I am really, really into cars. I just love them (especially customizing them). Personally, I think this is really cool and all but what’s the fun in not being able to drive your car. I would use this if I was driving to work everyday because that kind of driving is pretty boring.

I think that I wouldn’t use the self driving if i was to drift around a track or drag race on a strip or something. (legally) Those are the kinds of things that I enjoy doing in a car. I don’t drive yet, but if I did, I would customize my car nicely and love to drift around a track sometimes.

Self-driving car 1Now back to the self-driving. How they did this, I don’t even know. The thing that I do know is that there were some journalists behind the wheel that were lightly trained drivers and assisted the car about 1/4 of the time.

I also know that this car can’t drive in an urban surrounding but can drive in rural areas up to speeds of 110 kph (70 mph) Otherwise, this car is unnoticeable as an¬†autonomous vehicle and also had close to very little assist with driving. This car (or cars like this) are indeed the technology of the future. No doubt about that.