September 2018 – March 2019

StreetXtreme was established in 2005 as a mechanical repair shop specializing in performance modifications. As the business grew, bodywork was high in demand and therefore the direction of the business started to change. We slowly evolved into a mixed mechanical and auto body operation, and started selling pre-owned vehicles.
We provide repair services to all makes and models, but mainly focus on late Imports and European models.

StreetXtreme Service Advisor

Advisor Tasks:

– Used ShopKey / Mitchell 1 System
– Diagnose vehicle DTC’s with Snap-On tablet
– Entered customer information into service management system
– Verify customer questions / issues with technicians
– Setup customer appointments
– Answered business and customer calls
– Shuttled customers to and from StreetXtreme
– Search and order parts for in-progress vehicles, and special projects
– Picked up and delivered parts
– Coordinated parts with customers (looking for specific parts / providing own parts)
– Received and signed for parts (issued cheques for parts companies as needed)
– Completed Safety Certificates for safetied sales vehicles
– Contacted warranty companies on behalf of customers
– Received payment from warranty companies for work completed
– Organized Technician hours
– Calculated Tech hours with parts costs and margin for billing
– Drove customer vehicles into shop, and setup on hoist for techs

StreetXtreme Technician

Service Jobs:

– Oil Changes
– Tire changes (Off Rim and On Rim)
– Brake Rotors and Pads Replacement
– Brake Fluid Flush
– Rear Shock Absorber Replacement
– Oil Filter Housing and Gasket Replacement
– Valve Cover Gasket Replacement
– Allignment
– Rack and Pinion Replacement
– Upper and Lower Front Control Arm and Bushing Replacement
– Front and Rear CV Axle Replacement
– Transfer Case Replacement
– Differential Fluid Change
– Transmission Fluid Change
– Coolant Flush
– Many other services

Special Projects:

BMW E92 M3
– Engine teardown to diagnose engine failure
– Found crankshaft bearing pieces in timing chain chamber

Mercedes S600
– Removed centre dash pieces to access and diagnose
   broken ignition switch
– Ignition switch was removed and replaced by a
   European vehicle electrical expert

StreetXtreme Autobody

Vehicle Services:

– Interior and exterior detailing
– Degrease engine bay
– Clay bar
– Wet sand
– Buff and polish
– Touch up paint
– Remove vehicle panels and trim
– Prep parts for primer and paint
– Sand and polish headlights

Special Projects:

Mercedes S600
– Sand, bondo, then smoothen scratch
– Full repaint (some panels painted seperately)
– Wet sand dust spots
– Complete buff and polish
– Interior vaccuum and detail
– Exterior wash, clay bar and wax

Yamaha Motorcycle Parts
– Sand down rough spots
– Primer and paint Atlantic Blue
– Wet sand dust spots
– Buff, polish and wax

– Parts pickup & delivery
– Customer and customer vehicle pickup & delivery
– Dealership vehicle pickup & delivery
– Company rental gas refill, pickup & delivery

StreetXtreme Photography

Rahil Gupta


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