This blog post is going to be about the 2015 Pan Am & Parapan Am Games being held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! The Pan American Games are the third largest international multi-sport games, behind the Asian Games and the Olympic Summer Games. Around 7,000 athletes from across North & South America will put their years of hard work and training to the test in 51 sports in Toronto. Those sports include archery, diving, table tennis, soccer, volleyball and many other Pan Am & Parapan Am sports.

The Pan Am Games sound amazing, but there are also a couple of Athlete's Villagedrawbacks. They include traffic build up throughout the city (causes daily drivers and commuters to be late to their destinations) and also the expense of the games. Speaking of traffic congestion, Toronto’s Mayor, John Tory, said that the HOV lanes on the highways of Toronto need to have 3 or more personnel in the vehicle to be available. One funny story that happened lately was that there was a man who had 3 fake people inside the car with him so that he would be able to use the HOV lanes (He was caught after a couple days, but pretty funny). Did you know that the Pan Am & Parapan Am Games will cost around CAD $1.4 billion? Wow, that is amazing!

Enough talk about drawbacks and stuff, this is the first international multi-sport ever since the British Empire Games which took place in 1930. That is exactly 85 years ago! It’s amazing how far the history of sports events and the country itself goes. The first Pan Am Games was in 1951, held in Buenos Aires and the first Parapan Am Games in 1999, held in Mexico City.

Well I hope you enjoyed this informative post on the Toronto 2015 Pan Am & Parapan Am Games! If you would like to book some dates to see some of the events, just visit the official website provided below!

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